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tait DMR TP9300

FCC CE mil-std-810g compliant

Tait DMR is a highly reliable, modern, digital radio solution that is designed for mission critical environments. Tait DMR offers a digital communications solution based on the DMR Tier 3 trunking standard.

The TP9300 portables offer trunked DMR operation as well as full MPT 1327, and conventional FM functionality in one device. It can roam between DMR and MPT networks. The portable has inbuilt GPS, Bluetooth wireless technology and IP67 protection


Improve workforce safety with the following TP9300 features:

  • Man Down and Lone Worker as standard
  • Integrated GPS will ensure that you always know where your workforce is
  • Wireless audio accessories utilizing Bluetooth technology
  • Crystal-clear voice ensuring the operator and user will understand the message
  • Status messaging activated with one touch of a button for quick and easy notifications

Improve your organisation’s efficiency

  • GPS location allows efficient allocation of resources to events
  • Text messaging for enhanced and unambiguous communications
  • Pre-defined status messages for a fast response in common situations

Privacy feature

  • Trunked operation allows for individual and private calls within designated groups

Designed to perform in demanding environments

  • Water shedding grille assists voice clarity and high audio volume is maintained in wet environments
  • IP67 water and dust protection
  • 4 and 16 keypad options
  • 3 programmable function keys
  • Programmable orange emergency key at base of antenna for ease of location in dark or restrictive environments
  • Recessed lens provides screen protection
  • Impact protected corners provide shock absorbing protection

Voice communications delivering on operational needs

  • Trunked DMR, MPT 1327 and analog conventional FM
  • Roaming between MPT 1327 and DMR
  • Individual calls provide privacy between individuals
  • Group calls allow separate teams to communicate amongst themselves without having to listen to irrelevant traffic
  • Increased channel capacity with support of up to 2,000 channels
  • Analog capability includes Priority and Dual Priority, Editable, Zone and Background Scan
  • PSTN dialing allows a user to make phone calls on DMR systems that support telephone interconnect
  • Crystal-clear voice quality
  • Optional continuous channel control knob
  • Shared menu structure between 9300 terminals

Facilities to improve network security

  • In DMR mode all terminals must be authenticated on the network before they are given access
  • Stun and Revive are implemented to temporarily deny a specific portable access to the network

Complete package with accessories portfolio

  • Audio accessories including speaker-microphones, headsets and earpieces
  • Chargers including in-vehicle, single fast chargers, and 6 way multi-chargers
  • Standard and high capacity Li-Ion batteries available
  • Various carry cases are available

Future proof multi-mode portable
(DMR, MPT 1327 and
conventional analog FM)

  • Full adherence to DMR standards providing choice and interoperability
  • Engineered for demanding environments
    with IP67 rating
  • Increased voice usability with integrated Bluetooth wireless technology connectivity
  • Integrated GPS to improve efficiency
    and safety
  • Text messaging and status calls to enhance your communications environment
  • Crystal-clear audio quality
  • Available in a range of models and configurable to suit your application